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Ron Segura


Ron Segura, Founder and President of Segura & Associates brings over 50 years of experience in all segments of the Cleaning Industry. Ten of those years were spent overseeing the cleaning of over 4.5 million square feet of outsourced services for The Walt Disney Company.

With 19 years of consulting both domestic and internationally Ron has been assisting organizations to perform at maximum efficiencies, while raising the quality of service. He is the author of numerous monthly articles in various trade journal worldwide.

Ron has assisted hundreds of organizations in the reengineering of their operations so that they are able to provide a high quality of service and still meet budgetary requirements. He has assisted organizations such as Tesla, Stryker, Stanford University and The Federal Reserve.

Between the years of 2004 and 2007 he helped to develop and implement Green Cleaning Programs, throughout the United States and South America.

Ron’s excellent networking abilities has been demonstrated in his founding of the LinkedIn “Janitorial Management Group” with over 13,000 members worldwide.

Ron has been a Speaker and Presenter for Cleaning Organizations throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and this year was a speaker in Australia at the AUSCLEAN Pulire exhibition – Sydney (2013) and the Building Service Contractors International 2013(BSCAI), ISSA Latin America (2017) and Abralimp of Brazil (2017) and Guyana (2019).

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John Doe


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