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Contract Cleaning Services for Industries Across New JErsey

Total Maintenance Services is proud to announce that we operate across a wide range of industries from banking and educational facilities to medical cleaning, and everything in between. Coupled with a team of building service professionals, we approach each industry with a specified strategy to ensure the proper steps are taken to address their respective needs.

Industries we serve include:


Most financial institutions see a constant influx of customers daily. To ensure the health and safety of both customers and staff, surfaces including counters, entrances, offices, and ATMs must be disinfected regularly. Our industry proven professionals are knowledgeable of what products to utilize when sanitizing institutions to uphold its integrity while presenting a safe work environment.


The health and safety of an education institution’s students and staff is of upmost importance, starting with a clean environment. Our janitorial services work to disinfect and protect all people that study and teach in school and universities to ensure learning and development can continue without interruption. Students can learn and teachers can educate much easier operating within a regularly clean and disinfected space.


The sanitation and disinfection of industrial plants can be a daunting task. That is why our janitorial staff is equipped with both the knowledge and expertise to manage the size and scale of industrial facilities. From front offices to warehouses, our team executes cleaning strategies that align with your current processes to ensure continued efficiency.


Every office comes with its own processes, which means adaptability is essential in terms of keeping a clean environment. Fortunately, our janitorial staff is as versatile as it is experienced, utilizing cleaning techniques tailored to your specific office environment to guarantee the health and safety of your workplace.


Most venues are made to hold thousands of occupants. Our professionals are trained to clean and disinfect large venues with the flexibility to work around your event schedule. Serving a range of event centers including concert halls, stadiums, and theaters, ensuring the health and safety of your spectators is our main priority. That’s why our trained cleaning professionals come with techniques and equipment tailored to your venue.


Religious buildings and houses of worship can see high numbers of occupancy, meaning thorough cleaning and maintenance is pivotal. Our team is flexible enough to work around your schedule while using only tools and materials that are safe for your environment. In keeping your surfaces disinfected and clean, we can ensure the health and safety of your guests.

Health Care Related Cleaning Services


In a time where health concerns are at an all-time high, the cleanliness of medical facilities are pivotal in keeping patients and staff safe. Sterile healthcare institutions are imperative, not only in preventing the spread of illnesses, but in providing a peace of mind for its occupants. Our janitorial staff is specifically trained in the sanitation and disinfection of medical facilities, guaranteeing compliance with federal laws and regulations.


The sensitive nature of clean rooms and R&D labs require cleaning services that are both thorough and extensive. At Total Maintenance Services, we provide a sanitized work environment that complies with your current processes. We approach each facility with a custom strategy to ensure your needs are met.


When it comes to dental offices, the health and integrity of their environment are on par with medical facilities. As health concerns remain at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that your dental office cleaning is handled by trained professionals who understand how to navigate your environment with the health and safety of your staff and patients in mind. Trust in our staff to identify and clean spots in your office where pathogens and illnesses tend to spread.


Patients that undergo dialysis are more prone to infection, which means the safety and integrity of dialysis centers are a priority. Our trained cleaning professionals know just what to look out for disinfecting dialysis centers, pinpointing key areas where disease transmission is common and sanitizing them thoroughly.


As with other healthcare and medical facilities, surgical centers are under intense scrutiny due to health and safety risk that can come from poor maintenance. Luckily, our team is highly trained in disinfecting and sterilizing areas where germs and bacteria are known to fester to better protect both patients and members of your staff. In addition, our trained professionals wear the necessary PPD and follow all the appropriate procedures during a terminal cleaning at your OR.


It is of utmost importance that hospitals be cleaned and maintained consistently to protect its staff and patients. With a constant influx in traffic and hospital admissions come the potential for dirt, pathogens, and bacteria to spread, meaning you’ll need a team of well-trained professionals to disinfect surfaces using only the proper tools and techniques.


Urgent Care centers require constant maintenance to ensure the integrity of its staff and patients. Our team of trained professional can assist with cleaning all areas of your urgent care centers to minimize health risks. From bathroom facilities to waiting and examination rooms, we’ll ensure all surfaces are properly disinfected, providing a safe and sterile environment.


Senior citizens are at more of a health risk than any other demographic. That’s why it’s important that senior living facilities and nursing homes are properly cleaned to stop the spread of harmful pathogens and bacteria. Our professionals are trained in what tools and techniques to utilize to keep residents satisfied while maintaining a healthy, clean, and safe living environment.

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