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Stripping and Waxing Floors

When it comes to stripping and waxing the floors of your facility or business, our professionals at Total Maintenance Services Inc. are committed to providing services in New Jersey that ensure the best quality and style for your floors. Our floor stripping and waxing company offers services for many floor types, ranging from wood, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile floors.

The floors that have seen it all, from spills to scratches, can look brand new without being entirely replaced. With our services, Total Maintenance Services Inc. can help you present the best version of your business.  

The Process of Stripping and Waxing Floors

The process of stripping and waxing floors is intense, laborious, and necessary to provide a safe and clean space for your business. After emptying the foundation of any items— the steps of floor stripping, scrubbing, rinsing, and sealing commences.

Our stripping floor service is the first step in removing any dirt and wax buildup on your floors before sealing them all with glossy wax. Following stripping your floor, the next step is to wax the floors using a floor waxing machine. The final step in securing the safety and style of your place of business is to buff the floors.

Not only will waxing your floors provide a shiny and sleek look for them, but it will also cover previous floor marks.

Benefits of Stripping and Waxing Floors

From reasons that span safety and cleanliness to appearances and future advantages, there are many benefits to having the floors of your facility stripped and waxed. 

The stripping process removes dirt and debris that will result in a hygienic workplace for your employees. It will also remove any floor substances that could lead to potential injuries, such as slipping and falling. 

Upon entering a room, the floor space is the largest open area and can often set the look for your business. With our New Jersey-based floor stripping and waxing services, you can be sure that your floors will be presentable and fit for your business. Stripping and waxing the floors of your facility renews and restores their appearance.

While stripping and waxing one’s floors helps cover marks, it also includes future benefits, such as preventing tile lifting, and protection from moisture, water damage, future dents, scratches, and stains. 

How Often Should You Strip and Wax Your Floors

It is essential to strip and wax your floors every six months to ensure that your facility has clean and shining floors. 

Services We Offer For Stripping and Waxing

Total Maintenance Services Inc. provides a customized floor cleaning services based on the material of the floor. If your floor is meant to be stripped and waxed, we will provide this service with a custom process based on the condition of the floors at your facility. The following are stripping and waxing services we provide throughout New Jersey:

  • Floor Stripping – Remove the topcoat of wax, dirt, and scuff marks with a floor stripping machine
  • Floor Sealing – After the floors are stripped, we put a sealer. The sealer extends the life of the floors.
  • Floor Waxing – Wax floors with a scrubbing machine. The finish gives the floors a deep protective glow.

Ways to Maintain Floors 

When you have completed the process of stripping and waxing your facility’s floors, it is crucial to maintain the quality and style of your floors.  

Tips for maintaining the quality of your floors include:

  • Using mats or rugs.
  • Vacuuming daily.
  • Washing or moping daily.
  • Dusting or sweeping daily.
  • Cleaning spills immediately. 
  • Buffing the floors (every two weeks or monthly)

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