Sometimes a standard cleaning is not enough, especially if the facility is not being cleaned enough for the usage it incurs To ensure your business or establishment is adequately sanitized and disinfected, you will need a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning a top-down (ceiling to floor) cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas including fans, light fixtures, walls, vents, and other surfaces not included in a standard cleaning. These surfaces are typically missed during regular cleanings. 

At Total Maintenance Services, our staff understands the importance of deep cleanings in relation to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. With years of experience, we are trained to tackle even the hardest to reach areas as well as surfaces that may have been missed during a standard cleaning. 


From air ducts and ceiling fans to light fixtures, it is important that these surfaces are maintained as they have a tendency to accumulate dirt, grime, and bacteria. Our staff keeps this in mind as we treat these difficult to reach areas with the same concentrated care as easy-to-reach surfaces. Our team has the tools to properly perform a deep clean of your environment while adhering to health and safety standards. When it comes to the disinfecting and sanitizing of high areas like air ducts and ceiling fans, the necessary protocols are taken to ensure the safety of our staff as well as yours. 

In addition to these areas and surfaces, deep cleaning can also include:


Our team of well-trained professionals work to ensure your interior windows are kept spotless while adhering to all health and safety protocols. For exterior window washing, see our window washing services page.


Unkept carpets can become a breeding ground for bacteria, making their regular maintenance of utmost importance. Our staff use only the best solutions to keep your carpets fresh, clean, and sanitized. For more information, see our carpet cleaning services page. 


Cleaning the floors is a great additional service to add to the deep clean. The way your floors will be cleaned will depend on the materials of the floor surface. We generally machine scrub or strip and wax to get your floors looking their best.

Only the proper tools and chemicals will be used to uphold the integrity of your establishment while offering a safe environment to operate. For more information, see our floor services page. 

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