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What is Burnishing?

Burnishing is an essential step in maintaining the quality and look of the floors of any facility.

Burnishers provide floors with a glossy finish. Burnishers remove scratches while leveling and glossing floors.

What is the difference between Burnishing and Buffing?

Although they are related, burnishing is different from buffing floors. While buffing maintains the floor’s shine, burnishing takes this process one step further.

The intensity and effectiveness of burnishers are due to their high speed. Burnishers operate at a much faster rate (rpm) than buffers and are a vital step in achieving ultra-shiny floors. Burnishing results in floors with a high gloss or “wet look,” that many admire.

Burnishing Process

Following a floor’s buffing and waxing, burnishing begins.

Many businesses will also burnish their floors after waxing them or using a floor finish. Businesses should wait three days before burnishing their floors after waxing them.

Burnishing Equipment

The necessary equipment when burnishing floors include:  

  • Dust Mop
  • Floor Burnishing Pads
  • Floor Solution
  • Burnisher
  • Bucket
  • Wet Floor Sign(s)
  • Wet Mop

Burnishing Steps

  1. Prepare the floor area by removing any items on the floor and setting up wet floor signs.

  2. Dust mop and wet mop the floor.

  3. Prepare the burnisher and connect the burnishing pad of choice to the machine.

  4. Use the solution on the floor, either by spraying it directly onto the floor or mopping it onto the floor and burnish the area.

  5. Start at the room’s edges when burnishing and proceed to work into the room’s center.

  6. Change the burnishing pad if needed.

  7. Dust mop and wet mop the floor.

Why is burnishing floors important?

Burnishing floors improves the appearance of business facilities and supports future cleaning and maintenance practices.

The process of burnishing helps floors appear very shiny and glossy. Additionally, owing to the high speed of the machine, burnishing helps to even out irregular floors. As there are no bumps or impediments on level flooring, this step allows for more effective cleaning practices.

Burnishing also helps to remove any scratches or marks on the floors.

What kind of floors can I burnish?

Burnishing works on concrete, marble, terrazzo, tile, vinyl, and wood flooring.

How often should I burnish my floors?

The regularity of burnishing the floors of a facility depends on the opinion of the individual business. Some businesses burnish their floors monthly, while others burnish their floors every evening.  

The two aspects to consider when deciding how often to burnish the flooring is the foot traffic and the appearance of the floors.

Areas with a high amount of foot traffic may require frequent burnishing compared to other less used areas. The appearance and high gloss look of the floors is also an important consideration in the frequency of burnishing the floors.

Burnishing Services We Offer

We offer burnishing services on all commercial facilities and appropriate floor types. We service all of New Jersey and offer custom floor burnishing services.  Call us today so we can view your facility and provide a competitive quote.

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