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Day Porters: Who They Are, What They Do, and How We Provide

Day porters keep your business clean so you can focus on your work and not maintaining your building. At Total Maintenance Services, we provide an unmatched day porter cleaning service for your building to ensure a clean and safe business for you, your employees, and your clients.

Maintaining your building is not only about ensuring your business looks clean and polished. By hiring a professional day porter cleaning service, you ensure the health and safety of all those who enter your building.

By using our day porter cleaning service for your commercial or professional building, you are ensuring your building looks clean and presentable during your daily business.

Who Are Day Porters

A day porter’s main tasks are keeping your business clean and presentable for you and your clientele during the day. This sets day porters apart from janitors as janitors typically come when your business is closed to perform general cleaning duties.  Day porters are a great fit for every business including stores, office buildings, malls, schools, and more.

What Day Porters Do

A day porter not only cleans your business, but maintains your building as well. Cleaning away dust, dirt, and more is a big part of a day porter’s cleaning service, and this is not the only service we provide.

Some tasks day porters perform during your work day include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas of your building
  • Mopping and waxing floors
  • Cleaning windowsills
  • Communicating potential issues with management
  • Disposing trash
  • Event set-up and break-down
  • Cleaning conference rooms after meetings
  • Restocking restroom dispensers (paper towel, toilet tissue, soap, seat covers)
  • Assisting in emergency clean-up
  • Splitting tasks with janitors to ensure building is completely cleaned

How Total Maintenance Services Provides Day Porters

When you choose our day porter cleaning services, you choose the best service for day-time cleaning needs of your business. There are multiple things to consider when looking for a reputable day porter service:

  • Look professional with a uniform (with the Total Maintenance Services logo or yours)
  • Be fully trained on the most efficient and thorough cleaning and disinfecting techniques to maintain your building
  • Have adequate knowledge on small maintenance repairs
  • Have proven reliability to get the job done in an effective and timely manner
  • Be on top of communication with you or someone on your team to ensure any issues or problems are discussed and resolved quickly and without delay.

We are passionate about keeping businesses throughout New Jersey professional and clean, and that is why our day porter cleaning service includes all of the above features. Without a professional commercial cleaning service, your building has the potential to become a dirty, unpresentable, and a health hazard for employees.

Not only will the professional image of your building suffer, but the quality of experience for you, your customers, and your staff will suffer as well. Day porters are more than just professional cleaners; they are an essential part of maintaining your business.

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