Your Total Facility Provider

Your Total Facility Provider



Total Maintenance has developed and refined our competitive advantages throughout our history to give our clients the benefits of over 15 years of experience. Our unwavering commitment to excellence allows you to concentrate on keeping your facility operating smoothly. We implement a number of processes and procedures to boost your productivity and optimize your janitorial spend. Learn more by viewing our Service Brochure.


We deliver custom reports that help you track every job we do for you, every location we service and every dollar you spend, no matter the size or scope of the project.


– Work Orders
– Costs
– Supplies
– Operations
– Workers on Site


We’ll even provide detailed reports per location, so you can always know exactly what services are being performed and what services are required at each of your facilities.


– Custom ­Tailored
– 24/7 Customer Support


To make sure you get the best possible service, we require that each of our team members completes a rigorous training program before they ever arrive at your location. From instilling in them the values we live by to teaching them top-­tier safety and quality control best practices, our training program helps ensure that our staff treats every client and client workplace with respect and dignity.


Total Maintenance is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of services possible every single day. Our Assured Quality Control process is applied to our operations, products, inventory and everything in between.


We know that you and your facility are unique and need janitorial solutions that cater to your specific requirements. We get to know your business, your people and your processes to help ensure a positive working relationship with us from the beginning and down the line.


Change doesn’t have to be painful. Our experts work directly with you to develop a streamlined solution for the transitional process.

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alec jaslow owner of total maintenance services inc

Alec I. Jaslow

My Story

Investing in a company while facing down a pandemic might sound like a crazy idea. But that is exactly what I did. After years in finance and other business endeavors, I was ready for a new challenge. Then, in 2019, I saw my chance. I was presented with an opportunity to join an industry that is stable, virtually recession proof, and less vulnerable to changes in technology: professional cleaning.


In March 2020, just as COVID-19 was taking hold of the country, I relaunched Total Maintenance Services (TMS), a total facility services provider. Going into this new endeavor, I thought it would be a routine upgrade of a business, but adding a pandemic to the equation, it was a lot more than I expected. The fear of collecting payments, businesses closing, and reduced schedules really amplified the situation.


But the challenges of COVID have led to some of my greatest achievements.


I have made it a priority to employ the best people, build strong business relationships, use the newest technologies, and implement clear and consistent communication strategies. These are the keys to a healthy and thriving company, and they have sustained me through these tough times.


I am also passionate about making systems and processes as efficient as possible, and I always strive for continuous improvement. That is what drove me to reinvent TMS from the ground up. In a very short time I have rebuilt the company’s infrastructure. Now, with new suppliers, state-of-the-art equipment, the best chemicals, and dedicated personnel, TMS is positioned to provide the ultimate cleaning services to our customers.


The cleaning industry, now more than ever, is poised to help millions of people throughout the world return to safe living and working conditions. I feel privileged to be part of its evolution. By staying on top of the trends, we at TMS aim to be a resource for our clients, ready to help them meet every new challenge. And TMS will continue to evolve to satisfy the needs of this essential industry.


Evolution. That is what my story is all about. I hope you will join me and all of us at TMS for the next phase in professional cleaning.

While we are aware of the changing times and budget constraints, we are sensitive to our clients’ needs and establish creative thinking protocols and structural innovations that enables Total to deliver superior results in projects of every type and size.

Our infrastructure places us on the leading edge of the business revolution and the latest technologies. We aspire towards a productive and engaging workplace in which our team members are motivated and positioned to achieve the strategic goals of the company.

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