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Machine Scrubbing

Machine scrubbers revolutionize the way companies are now cleaning their floors and tiles.


Many businesses are now including machine scrubbing into their regular cleaning routine. Mops with buckets are sufficient for smaller cleaning locations with less foot traffic. However, if the facility is large and has heavy foot traffic, businesses should integrate machine scrubbing into the regular cleaning as it is more efficient and less time-consuming.


All floors have different materials and different levels of usage, so for a customized proposal on machine scrubbing, please call us today to make an appointment.

What are Floor Machine Scrubbers?

Floor machine scrubbers can clean the tough flooring in locations such as manufacturing sites, warehouses, bathroom floors, concrete areas, factory floors, and workshops. These floors should be cleaned regularly to remove the buildup of dirt. In addition, they should be cleaned to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for customers, employees, and employers. Components of a floor machine scrubber include water, a cleaning solution, a squeegee, a brush or a pad, and a vacuum.

Benefits of Floor Machine Scrubbing

Floor machine scrubbers’ clean floors quickly and more efficiently than traditional mop and bucket cleaning. The machines instantly dry the floors which makes it safer if employees are present and need to work immediately. Floor machine scrubbers leave the floors looking brand new.


Additionally, users also decide whether they wish to use a brush or a pad to clean their floors. Brushes clean grouted tile, concrete floors, and carpet. The pads for the floor machine scrubbers are divided into different colors. Each color signifies which type of pad should be used for which kind of flooring. For more help on selecting the right type of pad, see this floor pad guide written by


Different Types of Machine Scrubbers

There are different types of floor scrubbing machines that allow users to adapt the machine to fit their needs. To begin, individuals can choose from three types: an upright, a walk-behind, or a ride-on floor.


An upright floor scrubber is smaller than a walk-behind floor scrubber and can be used for smaller spaces, much like a vacuum cleaner. Users walk and hold onto the handles of the machine as they glide the scrubber around the room.


A walk-behind floor scrubber is an option for individuals who would like to use a machine that is smaller in size and can be pushed across the floor. These are like an upright vacuum cleaner.


The ride-on floor scrubber is a much larger piece of machine equipment. It is like riding a lawn mower, users sit on the machine and drive it across the room as it cleans the floor. The best option for a large room is this version of the floor scrubber.

Floor Grout Cleaning

Grout is a seal in between floor tiles that presents a polished look, blocks debris from entering underneath and between the tiles, and strengthens the surface. Floor grout cleaning is performed in bathrooms at businesses.


Cleaning the grout between floor tiles protects them against cracking, mildew, and staining. A floor machine scrubber cleans the grout between tiles quickly and productively.

Shower Tiles

Cleaning shower tiles on a regular basis is also important to remove any mold or germs in your bathroom. This can be laborious and tedious without the proper tools.


The most efficient way to clean shower tiles is with a handheld tile scrubber machine.

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