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Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying –
A Fast and Efficient Way to Disinfect Commercial Properties

As Covid-19 is believed to be transmitted in the air and on surfaces; the EPA recommends routine cleaning and disinfecting to protect people and limit the spread of the disease.

To treat and protect large facilities, disinfectant technicians use electrostatic sprayers to cover large areas quickly and more effectively. The alternative method, touchpoint disinfecting, though still effective, takes longer to cover larger areas.

Electrostatic Sprayers are not new machines, they were used in the past to spray pesticides on crops. However, with the occurrence of the pandemic, the use of the sprayers has pivoted and now are also used to apply disinfectants rapidly and evenly.


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How Electrostatic Spraying Works

The electrostatic sprayer is filled with a disinfectant (from the EPA’s list N) formulated to kill the germs in your office. When the disinfectant passes through the sprayer, it receives a small electrical charge. The charge causes the droplets of disinfectant to land on the neutral and negative surfaces that need cleaning. They are attracted to the surfaces much like a magnet, so there is no waste.

If it needs to be disinfected, the electrostatic sprayer will reach it. Suggested areas include keyboards, door handles, desks, and even the undersides of chairs. Each surface is evenly coated, providing maximum disinfection.

An Electrostatic Cleaner: The Safe Way to Clean Surfaces

Electrostatic sprayers are hard on germs and bacteria, but these chemicals do not damage surfaces. The chemical is pH neutral and can be applied to any items in the office without causing damage. The chemicals evaporate five minutes after application, so you will not have to deal with wet surfaces.

These disinfectants do not damage the skin, so your employees will be safe when you use this service. Germs and bacteria are the only ones threatened by electrostatic technology.

Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Clients love the electrostatic spray disinfectant system from Total Maintenance Services. They rave about the numerous benefits. Top benefits include:

  • Efficient process that can cover more area in less time.
  • Reaches areas and places that would be hard to reach with touch point disinfecting.
  • Used to prevent the spread of viruses like influenza, HIV, MRSA, COVID-19
  • Even spread of disinfectant and no need to wipe off (which is the case in touch point disinfecting)

Have an Active COVID-19 Case?

Specifically, for cases related to Covid-19, Electrostatic spraying quickly handles germs and bacteria, so employees can enter the office without fear of getting ill. If you want to keep your employees safe and improve productivity, get them back to the office with the help of Electrostatic Spraying.

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If want to keep yourself and your employees safe, then disinfecting surfaces need to be a priority. From coronavirus to influenza, there are many virus-causing germs out there, and we use the appropriate disinfectants to stop them. Begin the process by requesting a quote for our electrostatic disinfection services. We service all counties in New Jersey and quickly respond to all requests within three hours or sooner.

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