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9 Basic Cleaning Tips for Office Managers

If you are managing an office facility and want to improve the life of the facility, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Reorganize all office items so they have a designated area and make sure items stay in their designated places consistently (check areas at least monthly)
  2. Clean devices & appliances and wash the fabrics.
  3. Sort hanging wires and cables.
  4. Adopt a “no food on desks and surfaces” policy.
  5. Vacuum/sweep and mop the floor regularly.
  6. Maintain the floors with floorcare services regularly (at least once per year). Floor care services include carpet cleaning, strip/wax/machine scrub/buffing of floors, window cleaning, etc.
  7. Have uniform dispensers in the bathrooms across the facility so that you purchase the same refills and make ordering easier.
  8. Disinfecting and sanitizing.
  9. Hire a professional cleaning service, have a scope of work, and clean at least 3x per week (M, W, F).


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