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How to Properly Clean Classrooms

As a school cleaning company, Total Maintenance Services Inc. is happy to provide school janitorial services for the New Jersey area. The CDC defines cleaning as the removal of “germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects”. School cleaners and janitorial services guarantee the cleaning of desks, doorknobs, and other high touch areas. Our services properly clean classrooms after busy school days so that teachers and students can attend classes in a safe environment.

Ways to reduce the spread of germs and diseases in classrooms

Students and teachers can help to prevent the spread of germs with a few simple tips!

  • Using touchless dispensers
  • Providing hand sanitizer
  • Guiding young students such as preschoolers and kindergarteners on proper hand washing
    • For example, reinforcing the 20-second rule
  • Cleaning up classrooms at the end of the day
    • For example, wiping down tables and door handles

Tips to lower the cost of your cleaning

An educational facility can lower the cost of their cleaning with these few simple tips!
  • Stacking chairs on the tops of desks at the end of the day
  • Wiping down and disinfecting desks in classrooms
  • Refilling soap dispensers in bathrooms, especially for young students such as preschool and daycare
  • Securing all windows and putting away papers
  • Ensuring all garbage is in a garbage or recycling bin
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