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Cleaning supplies in janitorial roller bucket
Cleaning supplies in janitorial roller bucket

Case Study on Supplies Replenishment Services


A leading manufacturer of roofing materials, operating out of a 150,000-square-foot facility, was experiencing issues with supply replenishment (consumables) for the building’s many different dispensers. Trying to manage the number of different items and vendors was proving difficult, so they wanted to simplify the process and spend less on products. They also had concerns that so many employees touching dispensers daily could spread harmful germs. TMS stepped in and took over supply replenishment for the purchasing department.


First, we set up a walk through with our client and had our vendor partner, Tork, attend and take notes. We reviewed all dispensers throughout the facility (paper towel, toilet paper, soap) and presented options to the client that were touchless, economical, and efficient for refills. Our proposal included the types of dispensers—plastic vs. stainless steel—and a cost analysis comparing the current cost with the expected cost.


We recommended standardizing the dispensers across the entire facility—both in the office and warehouse—and to remove paper towel dispensers from the break room and replace them with more cost-effective napkin dispensers. Once the customer approved, we placed an order for dispensers, assisted with delivery, and set up an installation date. Tork installed new dispensers across the entire facility in just one day.


The client has been happy with the recommendations provided by TMS since it has led to greater dispenser efficiency and lower cost for refills. In addition, the change has resulted in fewer supply shortages and a much easier ordering process. Plus, all dispensers are now touch-free, which is safer for the employees and lowers the risk of employees spreading sickness-causing microbes. This benefit was especially important because of COVID-19.

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